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About NFP Communications


NFP Communications is a marketing and communications consultancy that aims to help the not-for-profit sector with its marketing and communications needs. Our services range from digital marketing to event management to public relations. NFP Communications was founded by Ashley Tilley. Her vision is simple: to help the non-profit field with their marketing and communications efforts in order to better the world.

Why Hire a Communications Consultant?

Hiring a full-time marketing and communications staff member can be expensive. According to Workopolis, it costs about $4000 - $5000 just to hire someone, not including time for training, employment insurance, vacation time and turnover. Many small organizations don't have money to hire someone full-time, and if they do, it's usually only enough to hire an entry-level or part-time candidate.

By using our marketing communications consultancy services, you're able to get an experienced communications professional who can hit the ground running and deliver solid results without the hassle of hiring or training a new team member. And the best thing is that it's usually a fraction of the cost.

Meet Our Founder

With over 15 years of experience, Ashley Tilley is intimately familiar with the world of communications and marketing. Her impressive work history – including years spent in public relations, digital marketing, and community engagement – soon led to the start of her own business as a Marketing and Communications Consultant, launched in 2019.

Positioning herself as a valuable, comprehensive resource for everything marketing-related, Ashley’s service offerings include communications strategy, web design, social media management, event coordination, SEO and content creation. Although she has spent time working in a diverse range of industries, her true passion is for the non-profit world, where she has almost a decade of direct experience.

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Ashley has the innate ability to apply innovation, organization and leadership to every communications project she manages. The review and analysis of an organization’s past marketing efforts form the foundation of her effective and efficient approach.

Whether hired for a short-term project or as a long-term partner, Ashley offers high-level strategic support that’s flexible to an organization’s specific needs. In hiring her, organizations can benefit from her expertise without the commitment and expense of a full-time hire.

Ashley's unique, experienced approach to marketing consistently produces extensive cost-savings – and impressive results – for the organizations she works with.

Outsourcing your marketing needs has never been easier. You can trust your organization in the hands of Ashley and her team.​

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