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  • Ashley Tilley

5 Marketing Trends for Non-Profits in 2021

Operating a non-profit is never easy, but the COVID-19 pandemic brings additional challenges to the industry. This year, more than ever, you need to plan as much as you can when it comes to your marketing strategy. From how to engage with your audience to what type of messaging you should use, here are five of the most important non-profit marketing trends to keep your eye on.

Non-profit Marketing Trend #1: Continue Embracing Virtual

With COVID-19 affecting traditional fundraising efforts and in-person volunteering, virtual marketing takes centre-stage. Organizations must continue coming up with creative ways to showcase their properties and services and hold meetings and events.

Offer virtual volunteering opportunities, generate revenue safely with events such as crowdfunding campaigns or online auctions, and ramp up marketing efforts on social media. Reaching your audience may look different but can still be done successfully – even from behind a screen.

Non-profit Marketing Trend #2: Personalization Is Important

In a world where almost 320 billion emails are sent daily, you need to make your digital communications stand out.

Audience segmentation in email campaigns – or personalizing emails to specific preferences and interests – can create a 760 percent increase in revenue. Use your database to create relatively homogenous groups, such as current and regular donors and similar demographics. Then, personalize your email appeals to each respective group. For example, offer a personalized greeting and call to action and link to relevant blog articles, volunteer opportunities, or other web content based on behavioural patterns.

Customizing your messaging for your audience generates better engagement, helps create relevant content, and builds your credibility as the sender.

Non-profit Marketing Trend #3: Videos Are Key

Video messages provide a great opportunity to convey your organization’s mission and exceed audience expectations. They offer a human connection that’s extra difficult these days and appeal to people who would rather watch an easy-to-digest video than read content.

Use video effectively in emails, social media and throughout your website to connect with your volunteers, funders, and advocates in an emotional, personal way. Offer a behind-the-scenes video of your organization’s services or highlight the impact of fundraising efforts. Live streaming is another great way to host your next fundraising campaign.

Non-profit Marketing Trend #4: Use Storytelling Apps

Social media platforms and features like Facebook and Instagram Stories, SnapChat and TikTok provide non-profits with powerful free marketing tools. Combine user-generated and cause-related content to leverage these platforms and share your organization’s story.

To help generate engagement from your videos, use fun, interactive video editing software to create entertaining videos. Most story tools have limited lifespans, so generate new content regularly to keep your organization fresh in your audience’s minds.

Non-profit Marketing Trend #5: Create Quality Content

Regardless of what content you publish or communication channels you leverage, generating high-quality content remains essential. Content marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing tactics yet generates more leads. Just make sure you do it correctly!

Provide your audience with engaging information about your cause, your organization, and solutions for their pain points. Create an effective content marketing strategy that entails social media, blogging, emails, and video and be sure to measure its success.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is continuously evolving, and your organization needs to keep up. For help with implementing these marketing trends at your non-profit, contact us today!


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