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  • Ashley Tilley

When to Outsource Your Marketing and Communications Work

You already have enough to do as the leader of your non-profit. How can you expect to keep up with the latest and greatest marketing trends, too?

Simply put, you can’t – or you can’t do it effectively at least. Like the non-profit industry, marketing continues to evolve and change at a breathtaking pace. To achieve the goals you want for your organization, you should have a firm grip on your organization’s marketing strategy. But when you’re as busy as you are managing your non-profit, this isn’t easy. Here’s when outsourcing your marketing and communications work is a great solution.

You Need Better Results

You need your marketing campaign to increase the visibility of your organization and solicit more funders. But without a solid understanding of current marketing principles, it’s near impossible to get the results you want.

Great marketing starts with developing a brand persona, then constructing an effective plan. Marketing tasks are vast and include everything from content writing and advertising to social media management and public relations. A professional can help you decide which areas are most important for your organization and complete the work proficiently.

You Don’t Understand Marketing

Each aspect of marketing requires its own tools and expertise. For example, spending money on Google Ads and social media advertising won’t achieve much without the right strategy or know-how.

Depending on your organization, some social media platforms or content types may be more helpful than others. By assessing your brand and target audience, a marketing expert can allocate your marketing budget in the best way possible.

A professional can also use marketing metrics to tweak your campaigns and create improvements. They can use split testing in email campaigns, social media ads, and website content to determine which marketing strategy is the best.

You Don’t Have Time

When you’re busy doing everything else at your organization, marketing may be an afterthought – but you can’t afford it to be.

Marketing needs ongoing, prioritized attention on an almost daily basis. You want people to perceive your brand in a certain way, and that takes hard work. Without a dedicated marketing strategy, it’s difficult to develop and maintain a strong brand and attract new funders, advocates and volunteers.

If you hire a junior or mid-level marketer in-house, they might look to you for marketing leadership. This can tie up more of your time and create more harm than good. An outsourced marketing and communications team has the experience and knowledge that helps your bottom line – and doesn’t require your guidance.

You Lack the Budget for a Permanent Hire

Outsourcing your marketing and communications helps your organization get the expertise it needs without the commitment and expense of hiring. Whether it’s a short-term project or a monthly retainer, having the ability to utilize a marketing expert – without paying benefits, employment insurance, or providing office space – provides cost savings.

If your organization needs marketing and communications help, we’d love to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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